Sage R8 5wt Fly Rod

The Sage R8 Core 9′ 5wt: One Year Review

Arguably, trout anglers use a 5wt more than any other rod. Sure you may have a 4wt that is perfect for feeding dries to picky fish. Or a 6wt for chucking streamers. But the rod in your quiver that likely gets the most use is your trusty 5wt. Which is why, in my opinion, if you are going to have one “really good” rod, the 5wt should be it. Fortunately, I have a handful of “really good” 5wts. Unfortunately, that…

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Hex Girlfriend Fly Pattern Tutorial

How To Tie: Hex Girlfriend

The first time that I fished a Hex (Hexagenia) hatch it was insane. The water was literally boiling with fish. Good cast, shitty cast, it didn’t matter. The fish weren’t selective. We caught so many rainbows, cuts, and browns that we lost count.  At the time, I was fishing an oversized yellow Parachute Adams tied on a size 6 hook. In reality, to properly match the hatch, I probably should have gone even bigger. And maybe something with foam, because…

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Rio Elite Technical Trout

Smooth Move! RIO’s Elite Technical Trout Fly Line Review

A new rod is often the first thing an angler turns to when thinking about what they need to up their casting game. While I love a new rod just as much as the next guy (and am always trying to justify another purchase), the truth is, bigger gains can often be achieved by simply spooling up a new fly line for around $100. Rather than buying the latest and greatest fly rod with hyper-nano dry-streamer flex technology, you can…

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Night Leach

How To Tie: Night Leach

This fly, created by my dad, Steve Probasco, has become my “go to” leach pattern – especially in the evening hours. Not only is this fly good for trout, but when tied in a variety of colors; brown, blue, purple, red, etc., it is a great smallmouth bass fly too. As Steve writes in his book “Probasco’s Favorite Northwest Flies“: When the body material Estaz hit the market, I started tying leech patterns using this innovative material for the body…

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A Look Inside: Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack

I’m trying something new for this upcoming salmon/steelhead season. (No, I am not fishing bait – I don’t want my subscription cost for The Drake to double.) After using a hip pack for the past several years, which too often came home soaked from winter rains or wading a little too deep, I have decided to switch things up and go with a waterproof backpack. I debated backpack vs. sling pack vs. hip pack to detriment, and I’m still not…

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Plan D Fly Box

Let’s Go with Plan D

Have you ever seen an up and coming band in concert and had them completely blow you away, leaving you wanting to tell all your friends about them? In the world of fly fishing gear, Plan D fly boxes are my Dave Matthews Band. (I first saw DMB in 1995 as the opening band in a small college gym and immediately had to tell anyone who would listen about them). Launched in 2015 after owner Dylan Stanley became frustrated with…

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