How To Tie: Hex Girlfriend

Hex Girlfriend Fly Pattern Tutorial

The first time that I fished a Hex (Hexagenia) hatch it was insane. The water was literally boiling with fish. Good cast, shitty cast, it didn’t matter. The fish weren’t selective. We caught so many rainbows, cuts, and browns that we lost count.  At the time, I was fishing an oversized yellow Parachute Adams tied…

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How To Tie: Night Leach

Night Leach

This fly, created by my dad, Steve Probasco, has become my “go to” leach pattern – especially in the evening hours. Not only is this fly good for trout, but when tied in a variety of colors; brown, blue, purple, red, etc., it is a great smallmouth bass fly too. As Steve writes in his…

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How To Tie: Night Terror

Night Terror

Don’t be fooled by this steelhead fly’s simplicity. Designed for movement, the Night Terror undulates and pulses in the current without losing bulk and profile – and to top it off, it is easy to cast! With the popular Nightmare jig as inspiration, I set out to create what I now call the Night Terror…

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How To Tie: Morrish Hopper

Morrish Hopper

During hopper season, there is nothing I’d rather have in my fly box than a Morrish Hopper. While this ultra-realistic “fly” can be tied in several color variations, including the classic Tan and Olive, I have gone crazy and made some that are even purple and yellow – and they catch just as many fish…

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How To Tie: Kaufmann Stone

Kaufmann Stone

Stonefly nymphs make excellent searching patterns as the larger species spend three years or more as nymphs. With its stout, almost over-sized body, the Kaufmann Stone is one of my favorite stone fly nymph patterns. Materials Hook: TMC 300, size 4-10Thread: Black or tan 3/0Wire: .035 Lead FreeTail/Antenna: Brown goose biotsRib: Larva Lace vinyl ribbingDubbing:…

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