The Sage R8 Core 9′ 5wt: One Year Review

Sage R8 5wt Fly Rod

Arguably, trout anglers use a 5wt more than any other rod. Sure you may have a 4wt that is perfect for feeding dries to picky fish. Or a 6wt for chucking streamers. But the rod in your quiver that likely gets the most use is your trusty 5wt. Which is why, in my opinion, if…

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Let’s Go with Plan D

Plan D Fly Box

Have you ever seen an up and coming band in concert and had them completely blow you away, leaving you wanting to tell all your friends about them? In the world of fly fishing gear, Plan D fly boxes are my Dave Matthews Band. (I first saw DMB in 1995 as the opening band in…

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Choosing the Perfect Steelhead Fly Reel

Hardy Perfect

I love fly reels, so much so that I have several of them on display in my living room. It took a while, but I finally convinced my wife that fly reels pass for fine art. For some, a reel is just a line holder. But for me, when the perfect reel and rod come…

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